As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria lays claim to the 21st largest in the world in nominal GDP, and 20th in the world in purchasing power. Sadly, it also ranks 3rd in the world in poverty with over 70% of its population below poverty line. Where 3 meals per day are considered the norm, in Nigeria most people survive on a meal per day. In a country desolated by corruption, non proper functioning government, lack of innovation, lack of job creation, dying need of life's basic amenities like electricity, water, food etc. one could see why a country with the largest economy in Africa is taking one of the slowest step towards westernization. Nigeria, a country blessed with agricultural resources (currently only 20 percent been utilized) still today solely depends on oil production, which accounts for 90% of its economy.

The Food For All Program

YIMA's  Food For All (FFA) programs plans on reducing drastically the 70% of the population surviving on a meal per day. Our FFA program introduces new innovative ways into the farming industry while creating a first hand interaction with the people of the communities involved. We believe one has to work to earn and to build a solid future, which takes one brick at a time. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day. In a country of failed government policies and total lack of actions, which has only helped create more of its population in poverty we believe empowering people with the chance to earn a way to feed themselves and their family will not only help reduce the starvation rate but also help boost its local economy and reduce the poverty margin.


  • Combat food starvation in Nigeria,
  • Creating a strong Nigerian economy by investing more in the agricultural sector thereby reducing our economy’s dependence on oil,
  • Jobs creation in various specialties through our FFA program; thereby boosting both local and national economy,
  • The student integration program empowers the youth with core values of life beyond education,
  • Creating the first food for subsidy program in Ondo state Nigeria

Food Production Plan
The farm crops and animal rearing we initially focus on producing are plantains, cassava (garri), vegetables, chicken, fish and goat. The choices were made based on nutritional value (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, ions, etc.), along with the reasons that the crops can be produced year round based on climate and the production growth rate of animal choices enables and support our program.
We are currently in the initiation phase of food subsidy program with the Ondo state government. The full proposal of our subsidy will be presented to the government by no later than the end of August.

FFA Initiation Project Plan
YIMA is currently in process of purchasing 50 acres of land for farming (projected plan is 200 acres) 20 miles outside the city of Akure the capital of Ondo state. We will continue to post new developments on the blog.