"Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow."

Bright Minds
Bright Minds is the first of its kind, a stimulating one day camp, featuring several schools in Ondo State. Admission is free and it is an all-inclusive event (transport, lunch and security will be provided by YIMA. Students are picked from selected schools & each class based on their performance through a simple, IQ test that will be administered by a member of our team.
On the day, students will be picked up by YIMA-arranged transportation from their school and dropped off at the end of the day. On arrival at the camp’s venue, they will be split into smaller groups, with the first 2 hours dedicated to presentations from the YIMA Board of Directors and several select professionals followed by an hour-long lunch break. After that, they will:

  • Have the opportunity to mingle & socialize with students from other schools.
  • Meet and discuss with some of the YIMA Group board members.
  • Get more in-depth information about YIMA.
  • Participate in several fun activities throughout the day, including games, IQ tests, soccer matches and more, with prizes to be won by outstanding participants.
  • Get the opportunity to meet with some of our sponsors and ask questions they may have.
  • Some students will be selected to join the new YIMA Club.


YIMA Club is our Elite membership club for innovative and ambitious students. Our aim is to recognise extraordinary talent and provide mentorship and opportunities to educate and develop them. For now, there is only limited places available, and if a student is selected to join the club, here are some benefits that they immediately gain:

  • Direct Access to the YIMA Group via email,
  • Career advice, with several educational resources made available,
  • Opportunities for internship placements, sponsorship & scholarships. YIMA will continue to work with sponsors to make this available to the truly keen, ambitious & hardworking members of the club,
  • Free admission into YIMA Online University (to open in 2018), with several courses and all the tools needed for success,

Many more benefits will open up as we keep working on opportunities to ensure the best education and development for every member of the club.