Our Mission

  • To create a world where the Youth feel important, have a voice and get their voice heard,
  • To be the herald for change in the treatment of  the Nigerian Youth, let them know they have options for their future and guide them towards achieving their dreams,
  • To encourage creativity and nurture talent in Nigeria,
  • To engage both local and global talent into making a positive and tangible impact,
  • To be a forum of discussions about the future of Nigeria.

Our Task

Develop a combination of sustainable programs to have lasting impacts on the educational, agricultural, social and many more sectors, We aim to partner up with government bodies & stakeholders both locally and globally to achieve our goals.

Our Programs

Food For All

Bright Minds

The Water Project

Meet The Team


John Aiyelawo


Maureen Ljungberg

Deputy CEO

Zainab Amudah

Management & Admin